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International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

Monday, 1st October 2018 saw the world celebrate the international Coffee Day with the main feature being Women In Coffee and oh,what a great way to celebrate our women in coffee all along the coffee value chain. Kenya being a producer country held its official celebrations for the day in county number twenty, Kirinyaga County at General… Continue reading International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

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town and bits of coffee

Had it not been that someone was picking her up at the bus stage she would have alighted in the middle of the traffic and walked the remaining distance. More so she did not know her destination so all she could do was practise a little patience in the more often than not standstill traffic… Continue reading town and bits of coffee

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You ,I,Coffee sometime…

You and I over a cup of coffee! Imagine that… 'What will we talk about?’, you are wondering 'But I do not even know you’, I know! Neither do I ! ‘Since when did you and I start having coffee dates?’ We will start then, there is always the first time! ‘Oh, It has been… Continue reading You ,I,Coffee sometime…