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Word from Laban Njuguna regarding international coffee market

The below sentiments belong to Mr. Laban Njuguna of Zabuni Specialty coffee, I thought to share since they speak to very many people in the coffee sector. "I would like to share some thoughts based on my experience and understanding of the international coffee market. I will be as brief, factual and honest as possible.… Continue reading Word from Laban Njuguna regarding international coffee market

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Here’s my take

Its lunch hour, I am drinking this steaming hot black coffee listening to UB 40's Red red wine in this chilly rainy weather ... Moving on swiftly, I cannot say I am an expert in coffee or anything of the sort but I will always voice my thoughts and opinions. Of late  I have been… Continue reading Here’s my take

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The other day I met this young man

Sometimes back while in Nyeri county attending the N.I.C.E event, I met this young man from Kirinyaga county. We were just catching up, "So are you a coffee farmer ,or you are just attending ?" I asked him "I am a teacher by profession and  a farmer in sense that my father owns the farm and… Continue reading The other day I met this young man

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Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

It was yet another time for Nyeri International Coffee Expo (2018) ,third edition that went down on the 9th and 10th of November 2018. The venue was Whispers ground at the heart of Nyeri town. Unlike last year it attracted more people and I imagine it is due to the proximity of the venue to… Continue reading Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

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Of Coffee in the sunset & human nature

Evening seems to  set in early today. The sun rays form a magnificent pattern in the fading sun sky. I Might as well get my self a cappuccino (do not tie me to that ,there is room for rephrasing) WE the people are not affected by late night caffeine. So a cappuccino it is .… Continue reading Of Coffee in the sunset & human nature