Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.

By class five I had read quite a bit of the Bible. By that I mean, a whole lot. It was an old Kamba Bible which first and last pages were missing. Those were the days when my immediate older brother, another friend of the family and I used to analyze and discuss the Bible… Continue reading Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.



This was one hell of a meaningless chatter!

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Today the daily post has prompted me to write this meaningless article. They must subscribe to the school of thought that ’change is as good as rest’. So, let me just go with the flow. By the time I run out of ideas I will know whether that school of thought is a good school or a fogothari one.  The sort of school

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“tick tock” The clock ticks by . If she does not hurry up she will be late . Again!...and she cannot afford to be late. She has already learned her lesson , not the easy way so to say. Five minutes later she is in a cab riding to the airport. This driver is the… Continue reading THE AFRICAN CHILD narrative