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Kenya is in SCA board

Catching up with every body else on world coffee news,I am late on this but hey ,Kenya will have two representatives in the Specialty Coffee Association board. I guess inclusivity and diversity comes in small bits and at last it has landed home and with a bang! The two representatives both ladies, Mbula Musau of… Continue reading Kenya is in SCA board

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Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

It was yet another time for Nyeri International Coffee Expo (2018) ,third edition that went down on the 9th and 10th of November 2018. The venue was Whispers ground at the heart of Nyeri town. Unlike last year it attracted more people and I imagine it is due to the proximity of the venue to… Continue reading Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

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Fun~coffee ~Idioms~

As aromatic as Ethiopian coffees, As vibrant as Kenyan coffees, As Mild as Colombian coffees, As crispy as Costa Rican coffees,                       As tasty as Guatemalan coffees, As spicy as Indonesian coffees, As subtle as Tanzanian coffees, As zesty as Ugandan coffees, As winey as Yemen… Continue reading Fun~coffee ~Idioms~

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International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

Monday, 1st October 2018 saw the world celebrate the international Coffee Day with the main feature being Women In Coffee and oh,what a great way to celebrate our women in coffee all along the coffee value chain. Kenya being a producer country held its official celebrations for the day in county number twenty, Kirinyaga County at General… Continue reading International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya