Tell me your dreams

Short flight but smooth, destination somewhere in some field, setup outdoors _meeting, participants, four people including a big man who does not look like he has ever had money problems in his life, two more ladies one of middle age and the other a little older than she is, plus the guy who has just … Continue reading Tell me your dreams

Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

There are factors that determine whether your cup of coffee is good or 'just there' or worse nothing to smile about. I have come across people who say, "I do not like coffee because it tastes bitter" A good cup of coffee should not taste bitter, learn more about that here. So, below are six basic … Continue reading Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

Hooked up

Jack stretched out his feet off the coach and placed them on a stool that had on it his phone and a glass half full of juice. Under the table, folded twice in a rather awkward way was a newspaper and by the look of things the reader had not found much fascinating in it … Continue reading Hooked up