Kenya Barista championships _Nakuru hit

The Kenya National barista championship for the year 2019/2020 began on Friday 27th September with the first hit being held in Nakuru for the Rift Valley region. This is the first time to have barista championships begin with hits here in Kenya. That means that other areas in Kenya, other than Nairobi ,will have an … Continue reading Kenya Barista championships _Nakuru hit

Tell me your dreams

Short flight but smooth, destination somewhere in some field, setup outdoors _meeting, participants, four people including a big man who does not look like he has ever had money problems in his life, two more ladies one of middle age and the other a little older than she is, plus the guy who has just … Continue reading Tell me your dreams

Word from Laban Njuguna regarding international coffee market

The below sentiments belong to Mr. Laban Njuguna of Zabuni Specialty coffee, I thought to share since they speak to very many people in the coffee sector. "I would like to share some thoughts based on my experience and understanding of the international coffee market. I will be as brief, factual and honest as possible. … Continue reading Word from Laban Njuguna regarding international coffee market