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Fretting? a coffee

The attitude that I am trying  to pick of late is "no fretting..." Do not get it twisted though, I have always been a 'no fret' kind of person save for two things ; A constant stare-I do not like to feel people eyes on me...(working on it!) Slow traffic (how can I deal?) The… Continue reading Fretting? a coffee

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town and bits of coffee

Had it not been that someone was picking her up at the bus stage she would have alighted in the middle of the traffic and walked the remaining distance. More so she did not know her destination so all she could do was practise a little patience in the more often than not standstill traffic… Continue reading town and bits of coffee

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Nyeri International Coffee Expo- how it went down

The coffee expo was held at Dedan KImathi University (Kamukunji grounds) in Nyeri county and was sponsored by Fair-trade Africa. It all went down on the 23rd and 24th of November 2017. Among the various stake holders in the coffee sector present was the Alliance of Women in Coffee (AWIC), who had a stand where… Continue reading Nyeri International Coffee Expo- how it went down

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Evening seems to have set in early today and the night is edging in rather fast. The sunrays form a magnificent pattern in the sky as the sun disappears into the horizon. It is undeniably a beautiful sunset view. One may wonder if the sun if has deliberately chosen to crown the day in some… Continue reading AT SUNSET

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Homestretch part 1

When going to the ‘place to be county’ , traveling via the Machakos country bus is hectic, but quite economical especially during those ‘hard economic times’. If you board a Nissan or better still are lucky enough to roll in your private machine, believe me you cannot understand, to you this is a tale of… Continue reading Homestretch part 1

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Today the daily post has prompted me to write this meaningless article. They must subscribe to the school of thought that ’change is as good as rest’. So, let me just go with the flow. By the time I run out of ideas I will know whether that school of thought is a good school… Continue reading meaningless.