Kenya Barista championships _Nakuru hit

The Kenya National barista championship for the year 2019/2020 began on Friday 27th September with the first hit being held in Nakuru for the Rift Valley region. This is the first time to have barista championships begin with hits here in Kenya. That means that other areas in Kenya, other than Nairobi ,will have an … Continue reading Kenya Barista championships _Nakuru hit

Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

There are factors that determine whether your cup of coffee is good or 'just there' or worse nothing to smile about. I have come across people who say, "I do not like coffee because it tastes bitter" A good cup of coffee should not taste bitter, learn more about that here. So, below are six basic … Continue reading Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

Hooked up

Jack stretched out his feet off the coach and placed them on a stool that had on it his phone and a glass half full of juice. Under the table, folded twice in a rather awkward way was a newspaper and by the look of things the reader had not found much fascinating in it … Continue reading Hooked up