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The future of coffee is in emerging nations

The future of coffee is in emerging nations .or is it? Nations that that are in the rise demographically since increase in population means that there will be consumers in those countries . Of course bearing in mind that efficiency,productivity and demand will play a role in how sustainable coffee ventures will be in developing… Continue reading The future of coffee is in emerging nations

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Here’s my take

Its lunch hour, I am drinking this steaming hot black coffee listening to UB 40's Red red wine in this chilly rainy weather ... Moving on swiftly, I cannot say I am an expert in coffee or anything of the sort but I will always voice my thoughts and opinions. Of late  I have been… Continue reading Here’s my take

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International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

Monday, 1st October 2018 saw the world celebrate the international Coffee Day with the main feature being Women In Coffee and oh,what a great way to celebrate our women in coffee all along the coffee value chain. Kenya being a producer country held its official celebrations for the day in county number twenty, Kirinyaga County at General… Continue reading International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

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Perfect coffee world

Since it is hard to get perfect,a near perfect coffee world ought to have ; Diversity, inclusivity ,equality and GOOD PAY. Diversity meaning black,white coloured,poor, rich ,educated, uneducated,from whatever region,physically fit or challenged and whatever else you can think of and deem it 'diverse' ,all should feel at home when and where coffee is mentioned.… Continue reading Perfect coffee world