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Tell me your dreams

Short flight but smooth, destination somewhere in some field, setup outdoors _meeting, participants, four people including a big man who does not look like he has ever had money problems in his life, two more ladies one of middle age and the other a little older than she is, plus the guy who has just… Continue reading Tell me your dreams

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Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

There are factors that determine whether your cup of coffee is good or 'just there' or worse nothing to smile about. I have come across people who say, "I do not like coffee because it tastes bitter" A good cup of coffee should not taste bitter, learn more about that here. So, below are six basic… Continue reading Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee


Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.

By class five I had read quite a bit of the Bible. By that I mean, a whole lot. It was an old Kamba Bible which first and last pages were missing. Those were the days when my immediate older brother, another friend of the family and I used to analyze and discuss the Bible… Continue reading Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.



This was one hell of a meaningless chatter!

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Today the daily post has prompted me to write this meaningless article. They must subscribe to the school of thought that ’change is as good as rest’. So, let me just go with the flow. By the time I run out of ideas I will know whether that school of thought is a good school or a fogothari one.  The sort of school

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