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Hooked up

Jack stretched out his feet off the coach and placed them on a stool that had on it his phone and a glass half full of juice. Under the table, folded twice in a rather awkward way was a newspaper and by the look of things the reader had not found much fascinating in it or maybe the lazy Sunday effect had taken charge, judging in the manner in which it had been carelessly shoved under the table.

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Definitions and defying the odds

Originally posted on mutono coffee inspired blog:
So over the weekend, in between my coffee sips, I re-read Sidney Sheldon’s novel, ‘After the darkness’ Written by Tilly Bagshawe Despite having read the book before it was like I was reading it for the first time because the story seemed quite familiar but I did not remember it’s flow at all, I imagine the book that I read before must have had some pages missing and others tattered, the kind of scenario where you have to connect the dots…and make the story flow. As any other Sidney book it is captivating.… Continue reading Definitions and defying the odds

Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.

By class five I had read quite a bit of the Bible. By that I mean, a whole lot. It was an old Kamba Bible which first and last pages were missing.

Those were the days when my immediate older brother, another friend of the family and I used to analyze and discuss the Bible like we wrote it ourselves! The days I dreamt of becoming a lawyer!….objection my honor… That was never to happen though . I guess calling a human being, ‘my lord’ doesn’t suit me after all. I am still argumentative to date, monotones are a bore, If you are talking to me and all I say is yes,yes,yes or ok, ok, ok, chance is I’m sand bathing in the beautiful sands of Mauritius (there must be beaches in Mauritius), or zanzibar.

In my Bible escapades I realized that Jesus never liked the pharasees, in fact it would be correct to put it that they never saw eye to eye. Pharasees were basically church/society leaders of a pretensious demeanor who

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