Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

There are factors that determine whether your cup of coffee is good or ‘just there‘ or worse nothing to smile about.

I have come across people who say, “I do not like coffee because it tastes bitter”

A good cup of coffee should not taste bitter, learn more about that here.

So, below are six basic tips to make your coffee taste delicious

  1. Make sure you use the correct grind ( bear in mind that the finer the coffee the fast the extraction time and vise versa)
  2. Use fresh coffee – the fresher the coffee the better it tastes.
  3. Do not boil coffee- boiling leads to over extraction thus your coffee will be bitter, instead, poor your hot water (93 degrees celcius +/-1 preferably ) into your ground coffee.
  4. Observe extraction time, If like me you tend to forget that you were brewing coffee only to remember later when time has lapsed,believe you me you will be consuming something very bitter which relates to what my people refer to “muti wa kithui” haha (as they say,if you know you know)
  5. Reheating cold coffee is a NO, it will be bitter, Be kind to yourself and make a fresh one!
  6. Have your coffee as you want it , different people like their coffee differently so do you. There are different ways to have your coffee, black,cappuccino,latte,Machiatto etc

One may find it a far fetched idea to make something like a cappuccino, latte or machiatto due to rather expensive machines for the same, with a simple French press (which is not costly) you are good to go, so don’t fret it.

Made this in an old school way using a french press! we try

My people say when doing something, the third time is the charm so make it three cups instead of one(on a lighter note) ,all I am saying is ,”Enjoy”

Coffee is a celebration,just like wine.

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