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Definitions and defying the odds

So over the weekend, in between my coffee sips, I re-read Sidney Sheldon’s novel,

‘After the darkness’

Written by Tilly Bagshawe

Despite having read the book before it was like I was reading it for the first time because the story seemed quite familiar but I did not remember it’s flow at all, I imagine the book that I read before must have had some pages missing and others tattered, the kind of scenario where you have to connect the dots…and make the story flow.

As any other Sidney book it is captivating. As captivating as a great cup of coffee I’d say.

So part of the story hits close to home and refers to Mombasa as a, ‘shit hole’

Mmmh, I have heard of that phrase before, wait, where(scratching head)

Where? Oh I remember…

Wow! So that is what they think of us?!

They come and bask in our beautiful sun, tan their skins and whatever other little pleasures they can afford and then after,

‘hell, hot shit hole’!!!

Well, as a friend of a friend says,

‘It is well’

Do they know that is our beloved place where most of us flock during holidays to escape the hustle and buzzle of other cities and the norm of our villages and our daily lives . It is our sanctuary for heaven’s sake. If Mombasa is really a shit hole one begs the question what does that make our other cities?

For the longest time I have watched foreign media and what they depict of Africa in general is, ‘loathesom’ to say the least. I assume it is all business because in business you have to sell the ‘fast moving good’

Yes we have poor people, yes we have slums, yes we have some very corrupt leaders(are there awards for that by the way?) – , yes when it rains many of our streets are rivers of… , so forth and so forth…If at all that is the definition of ‘shit hole’🤔

What they never care to show case, is our brighter side of life which is enormous , for example here in Kenya we have our beautiful coastal and lake beaches(I hear the beach in lake Turkana is just awesome _ do not read ‘the miz’ ) , mesmerizing wildlife, eye catching landscapes including the rift Valley and our fantastic towns, cities and country side, yes, we don’t live in caves, forests or holes,

We even have one of the few places in the world where the law of gravity is defied and vehicles move up hill without one stepping on the gas – somewhere near masaku.

Our culture is so diverse such that here in Kenya only, we speak about 68 first languages, not forgetting Swahili and English our national and official languages respectively. Our society is so multiracial, multi_stereotiphical and very diverse in customs and traditions. Melanine pops in all its shades while the sun shines magically over our skies in the day and the moon stands guard by the night.

The day I will travel ‘overseas’ I will surely satisfy my curiosity of what the opposite of ‘shit hole’ looks like, I am really curious about that and I surely hope my expectations are met.

Oh, and for general knowledge purposes Africa is not a country, in fact it is the second largest continent after Asia and it comprises of 54 countries (the officially recognized ones) out of which only two were never colonized, Ethiopia and Liberia which is by the way a very debatable point of view.

So, for any one going to Maybe, South Africa, please specify, say you are going to South Africa, or Kenya, or Zimbabwe, or Nigeria, or DRC, or Rwanda, or Egypt.


Yes, Egypt is in Africa too! So are Mauritius, Morocco and Madagascar! The way some people describe Africa one would think it is a three bedroomed house where one country is the sitting room , another the bedroom, and another the kitchen, then the rest fixtures and fittings…

BY THE WAY,somewhere in the book, Kenyans are described as that they are capable of stealing from you while saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ 🤗😑🙄. Mhhh, well, on one hand that is an exaggerated statement, in any case thieves are all over the world, aren’t they?… On the other hand my defense is really failing me here because whenever I remember a certain human being who conned me a whooping 4G and the way he did it, I think if I ever meet him even if it’s in the Mombasa road traffic I will go shake his hand for job well pulled off and then break his nose with a punch? If you have ever been duped and then after you don’t know whether to laugh or cry then you understand.

Now that I’m wiser than before the rule of the game is quite simple:When the deal is too good think twice and it is prudent to mind one’s own business.Just that.

Below, a piece of Nairobi now, just a piece! We modern now! _I couldn’t upload everything now, Google is very friendly… Use it

Images courtesy.

One more coffee treat for the road,

Did you know that the origin of coffee is deemed to be Ethiopia? And that some of the best coffees in the world are from Africa with our very own Kenya leading the pack?

Well, now you know,

Have a juicy one, won’t you?

”It is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to recognize , accept and celebrate those differences ” Audre lorde

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