Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.

By class five I had read quite a bit of the Bible. By that I mean, a whole lot. It was an old Kamba Bible which first and last pages were missing.

Those were the days when my immediate older brother, another friend of the family and I used to analyze and discuss the Bible like we wrote it ourselves! The days I dreamt of becoming a lawyer!….objection my honor… That was never to happen though . I guess calling a human being, ‘my lord’ doesn’t suit me after all. I am still argumentative to date, monotones are a bore, If you are talking to me and all I say is yes,yes,yes or ok, ok, ok, chance is I’m sand bathing in the beautiful sands of Mauritius (there must be beaches in Mauritius), or zanzibar.

In my Bible escapades I realized that Jesus never liked the pharasees, in fact it would be correct to put it that they never saw eye to eye. Pharasees were basically church/society leaders of a pretensious demeanor who

in the Bible’s words washed their cups on the outside while in the inside they were very very dirty. They even questioned Jesus for hanging out with sinners like Mathew and the lady who was caught committing adultery. Ironically in that story it is only a woman who was caught in the act, the man was a Saint I imagine.

Unfortunately even in this day and age most of us Christians are still ‘pharasees’. We want the church to be filled with holy people as if there is anyone holy in this world. We brand people as sinners even when we know not of their personality, just because we can pretend better than they can.

Even in Hollywood the moment a scandal hits you they disown you and drop you like a fly, as if their sins were better than yours, it’s just that their sins haven’t come to light YET.

If every one lived like the Jesus they all acclaim to follow the world would be a much better place.

Jesus did hangout with sinners and never at one point discriminated on them rather He tried to make them better people, the only people he couldn’t stand were the pharasees due to their pretentious nature thinking they are better than every one else while at it.

In deed Jesus was crucified between two sinners. You know if He wanted he could have brought back Moses and Elijah and be crucified in between them but He didn’t.

The big rule of the book is love your God, second, love your neigbour. Period.

Always before doing something to somebody else it’s good to ask one self, if it were me, how would I feel,

in any case what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, shouldn’t it? …

As for the coffee mine is done, make yourself some and think if you are a pharasee while at it.

As for me I am a reforming pharasee…

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