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The bitter brew?

(coffee flavor wheel courtesy of google)

So I happened to watch this clip from a leading Television house in Kenya addressing coffee issues, but that is not the tea.The tea is the headline of their discussion was the ‘BITTER BREW’ (excuse my irony)

I could not help but wonder how ‘bitter’ is this brew though, Is it the coffee I take or it is a different one. Yes I agree some coffees can be bitter due to break down chlorogenic acid  to form quinic and caffeic acids in which instance ,normally those acids should balance with all the other flavors in coffee to give you a balanced cup that is not bitter (refer the pictured coffee flavor wheel to learn about coffee flavors).If yours is bitter you might want to change your supplier because He /She might be supplying you with a very low quality coffee or perhaps the left overs ,or may be you are the problem,by buying low quality coffee which by big chance will be bitter or have other shortcomings,or maybe your method of coffee brewing is wrong. In other words, you might be consuming coffee from a low quality crop or over extracted during preparation .Over extraction in coffee might be due to allowing more contact time than the stipulated time or using too fine a coffee (surface area to volume ratio-or something like that). Also using water that is too hot will lead to over extraction ( its advisable to use water that is 93°C+/-1 (200°F+/-1) hot.The quality of water used also affects the extraction process, should at least/utmost between 100-250 ppm (parts per million) of total dissolve solids

As much as alcohol is bitter, in all My years I have never heard anyone refer to it as bitter, ironically the television adverts advertising alcoholic beverages makes one think it is something that tastes like heaven .Once upon a time when my curiosity prompted me to taste alcohol I was left in shock and ever since I have wondered how people down that bad tasting liquid in numbers of bottles and bottles and at the same time I became a non drinker, no worry though my clan has enough drinkers to drink for all of us non drinkers !!!On that note if you ever see me take some wine please, even the good book says that “a little wine is good for the stomach”

Most of us do not like bitter things so I find it hard to imagine why a whole celebrated television station would use such a headline! at a time when we are hoping many of us start taking the coffee as part of making us self sustained as a country #coffee sustainability

What happened to positivism?

A cup of coffee,whether a cappuccino,mocha,latte or simply a regular black or white coffee should by no doubt taste like this .

with many coffee shops coming up lately,pop into a coffee shop near you and get yourself a great cup of coffee or better yet make your own pot of coffee for that homely feel, we surely need it to calm our nerves in this hard economic times as we contemplate the 3% home ownership levy! How did we get here?

“we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them “,Albert Einstein

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