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The future of coffee is in emerging nations

The future of coffee is in emerging nations .or is it?

Nations that that are in the rise demographically since increase in population means that there will be consumers in those countries . Of course bearing in mind that efficiency,productivity and demand will play a role in how sustainable coffee ventures will be in developing countries.

One of the key factors to ensure sustainability in such emerging countries which are also majority of the producers is encouraging local coffee consumption. Local coffee consumption will create a large market for coffee and consumer education and sensitization is key in achieving those goals.

There are though factors that affect domestic market consumption such as ;inefficient infrastructure and high cost of electricity which lead to high production costs which contribute to high coffee prices in the emerging nations. Improving consumption at origin should be taken upon seriously so that coffee market remains sustainable.

Ironically when it comes to the same countries exporting coffee ,the farmers end up getting so little for their coffee and if payment to farmers keep going down then people will stop producing coffee and that will be a blow to such countries whose economies rely much on coffee exports like our very own, Kenya and in such scenario it is no doubt that its the women and children who will suffer the most from such . When it comes to generational succession, no parent would want their child to succeed them in an unprofitable venture.

Governments of such countries should put up proper regulations which favour the coffee farmer instead of limiting him/her to tight regulations which are only meant to benefit the people with big muscles in the coffee sector leaving the farmer with not much choice on what to do with his/her coffee and relying on dictated prices which in most cases never favour the farmer leaving many of those farmers nurturing a crop that only benefits a few and leaving the farmer at the mercy of charities! at which instance one  wonders whether coffee is an economically viable product.

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