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Lets talk women leadership over a little coffee

It took a while to sink in but it at last did. Ethiopia has created such a mile stone by having their first woman president , something which is not an easy one to achieve ,even in the first world countries,its never a walk in the park.

That is a wild dream for many countries that they can only view on a telescope, here in Kenya we can only view such in maybe viusasa?,at least for now. In 2016 The US came close to smell victory on a ‘woman president’ but the winds of change diverted the smell to a different direction before it hit their nostrils.

Until women change their mentality on ‘women and leadership” the status quo will remain and there will never be enough quorum to pass the ‘gender bill’ , in a simpler language the men we elect to parliament will not make it happen.

But in all honesty do women need a gender bill to get to leadership positions?

Women despite being the majority in most case scenarios,would rather end up electing a rogue male leader rather than one of their own who has the qualities to lead a people to prosperity.

If you ever have the opportunity to listen to women talking about one of their own contesting for a leadership position ,You will be shocked what you hear, it is too ridiculous for sure.

“Who does she think she is? instead of staying at home and taking care of her husband and children she is masquerading all over asking for votes!…

Leave that prost… alone, Look at how she walks like a kangaroo!…

She cannot handle her own husband now she wants to lead us!…

If we vote for her she will walk all over us ,we won’t have no more air to breath!…

Who does she think she is?…

       She thinks She is better than us!?…

     Just wait and see ,we will show her dust during the voting…”

and that is how women end up losing on majority of the seats and end up with only bread crumbs hence result to bargaining for a slice in form of a thirds gender rule and so forth.

The whole blame cannot be attributed to the women and their mentality since culturally in many African set ups, and even in foreign lands from time immemorial Women never held positions of leadership and thus it becomes a cultural  and societal issue.

Many cultural and societal norms have been broken though, for instance education was not an African thing but with time it has become the norm in our society, hospitals too and many others. There is a catch though ,when you look closely, all the broken norms have a common denominator,men are majorly involved!

As for the norms that are exclusively women related, We still lag behind and a good example is the women and leadership. I could go on with things like FGM,under age brides, girls education, Lower pay to women than men in work places ,but I won’t!!

The only place you see a lot of women is on our TV screens but unfortunately there in many occasions ,they are paraded as trophies.

It will only take women to change the status quo and claim their glory and respect and that will happen through civic education and women learning to respect and valuing themselves (the already elected women whether by nomination or otherwise should spearhead such initiatives to drive the changes we need), in any case am told the ratio of women to men is 7:1(not verified though), so when and how do the tables overturn when it comes to electing people to leadership positions?

When it comes to things like coffee,women form majority of the workforce in the coffee farms but who ends up reaping from the sweat?  the men. In the voting scenarios it is even worse…

We ,as women are majorly responsible for electing male leaders and on the same note electing bad leaders and after all is said and done we cry ourselves a river of how there is a few of us in leadership and of how our leaders are bad ,corrupt and so forth and we soon forget about all that in the next elections,quite a vicious cycle!

We hold the power of the rainbow but do not realize it for sure!


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