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Here’s my take

Its lunch hour, I am drinking this steaming hot black coffee listening to UB 40’s Red red wine in this chilly rainy weather …

Moving on swiftly, I cannot say I am an expert in coffee or anything of the sort but I will always voice my thoughts and opinions.

Of late  I have been seeing so many people highlighting the issue of decreasing coffee production in Kenya. task forces have been formed and of the there after resolutions I know not but,

here is the issue,

You can blame climate change but ,really?

You can blame rural urban migration but ,really? in any case farms do not migrate ,its people who do…

You can blame the youth for not being actively involved ,but really? do not forget that at one point when the production was high even then the youth were not actively involved.

(wait, this coffee tastes somehow, there must have been a fermented bean in it! I will still drink it anyway!)

You can blame urbanisation and city expansions but really? the question is why wouldn’t anyone near the city ditch a bad paying coffee crop for a more lucrative real estate sector? Tell me if it were you what would you really do? If the coffee payments were better would they consider the latter? the answer I believe is a stern YES. #business101

People will blame the sun, the moon, and even the stars ,but until the issue of WHAT DRIPS DOWN TO THE FARMER is addressed we will go round in circles as coffee production will be decreasing.

It all comes down to what does the farmer get at the end of it all and what other options does He/She have then after all considerations are made if He/She opts to shift from coffee to a better income source ,so will He /She.With time more options have come up and now farmers have more choices,that said ,the coffee sector should keep up with changing tides and times.

Once upon a time somebody told me ,” stop beating around the bush, make your point…”

My point is ,we should stop beating around the bush and address coffee payments to farmers otherwise very soon our coffee will add up to the list of items in Diamond’s ‘zilizopendwa’ song…

“Kenyan coffee…zilizopendwa…”

Poor payment to farmers is the greatest threat there is to the future of coffee in Kenya, the above “really’ issues are factors but minor at the moment…with time they surely will be major…

When I once said I saw a farmer get payed and the next day He went and cut his coffee crop, I wasn’t bluffing,that is a true story,as true as you are reading this and  I’m afraid if something is not done to address this ,more will follow suit…and mama mboi is not just a character in my articles ,its a reflection of the situation down there .wake up people!!

So, a 12 ounce cup of coffee in lets say the US(one of our biggest buyers) goes for about 1.50 US dollars(in many more places its way higher-still I could be wrong on that in any case have never been to the US), and a coffee farmer gets less than a dollar for a kg of coffee,where is the sense there? The only logic explanation is that somewhere in between there is some one who makes so much money at the expense of the poor farmer…

Someone once said that ‘one day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich…’ That might happen after they cut/uproot all the coffee trees…too bad the rich will have no coffee to make money from!!!

As I finish this its UB40’s ‘Higher ground’ playing…  ‘cant help”loading…

Merry 2019

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