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Kenya is in SCA board

Catching up with every body else on world coffee news,I am late on this but hey ,Kenya will have two representatives in the Specialty Coffee Association board. I guess inclusivity and diversity comes in small bits and at last it has landed home and with a bang! The two representatives both ladies, Mbula Musau of Utake coffee and Vava Angwenyi of Vava coffee were elected into the board in the recent concluded elections and will serve from January 2019. How awesome!

This election is the first  after the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe unified in 2017.

Vava was a slate candidate while Mbula was a petition candidate and in the same breath  two petition candidates were voted in the board by the SCA membership ,how democratic!

Slate candidate means after nomination for the board and review ,a person is slated for the board by the current board nominating committee while a petition candidate ,after nomination is not considered for the board (slated) initially but has to petition and get at least one hundred signatures from the members so as to contest as a petition candidate.

If at all no one had petitioned the slate candidates would have made the board just as they were but true democracy must be tested you know, and on that SCA passed with flying colours.

It is not only a major step for Kenya but for Africa as a whole as this move sees Africa coffee sector bearing in mind that Africa is a huge coffee origin , represented in such a world class board. At least with people from Africa who understand Africa coffee issues in depth ,such issues will be addressed in depth and with understanding.

That is also great news for the women in coffee fraternity as who understands womens’ issues better than the women themselves?

Congrats to everyone elected. tie your laces,go and serve humanity!




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