Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

It was yet another time for Nyeri International Coffee Expo (2018) ,third edition that went down on the 9th and 10th of November 2018. The venue was Whispers ground at the heart of Nyeri town. Unlike last year it attracted more people and I imagine it is due to the proximity of the venue to the town center.

I inquired from the organizer Mr. Laban Dereva on why they decided to pick a name of one county ‘Nyeri’ to brand the event and he informed me it is because Nyeri is the biggest coffee producer in Kenya and that there are plans to extend the event to other counties so it becomes a national event.

There were different sorts of exhibitions ranging from coffee itself to farm machineries to farm inputs to organic coffee farming demos to cryptocurrency  (I need to buy myself two or three coins by the way-this ship might sail without me!).

The Alliance of women in coffee were not left behind and they had a stand where they displayed their works.

The students of Kimathi University also had a stand  and I had a taste of their Bamboo flavoured yoghurt which tasted heavenly ( I missed the coffee flavoured  one).

One of the key things I noted is how farmers are hungry for coffee knowledge, keen on listening and asking questions at the booths. At the coffee cupping booth farmers were really excited to sample and learn more about coffee and coffee quality. It got me thinking that such exhibitions in coffee had been a long time coming  more so for the farmers who cannot access high end events which can be expensive at times, no, every time, more so for an ordinary farmer. (It is always good to think of a farmer like mama Mboi when planning such exhibitions, Isn’t she not the producer anyway?)-For the record NICE was free entry so accessibility more so to farmers was really easy.

At the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) booth, coffee servings kept coming in plenty and for free to the farmers and attendees who were so excited to get a cup of coffee or a cappuccino and that was really nice, kudos to the Kenya kahawa brewers team.

Below are photos from the event;

farmers at a learning session
Eager to learn…
Kimathi University students
Othaya is always infront! Packaged coffee
Spot the Elephant?
Knowledge materials were in plenty
Consumed some roasted pumpkin seeds here…
Farmer-dealer interactions

Some coffee brewing in action
AWIC stand
They wanted to cup some coffee
coffees at different stages-Green-Roasted-Ground-Packaged. Spot them?
They all wanted a cup of coffee-The AFA stand
Mr. Nzomo of AFA taking a farmer through different coffee screen sizes
The young one busy cupping-The future is here!
Awic President(center)& Mr.Laban,event organizer
Cupping session
All about organic coffee farming.
Coffee machineries
serofi tiime!

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