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Marathons and coffee


I spent a bit of time watching a repeat of the Amsterdam marathon 2018 edition in which  one Lawrence Cherono retained his last years win for the men marathon with three Ethiopians sweeping the first three spots of the women marathon.As usual it was an ‘East African affair’.

But that was not the interesting part ,no, the interesting part was that in the same marathon ,the Netherlands had its own national marathon. It took me a while contemplating on that.

So I imagine they figured in the overall marathon ,they perhaps would not feature in the top five ,in any case where would be the east Africans!? with that in mind they decided to have a marathon in a marathon where their first guy to cross the finish line was their national champion.How smart!

Just like that I learnt a very important lesson; “If the race is too big for you,create and run your own race” how awesome!

Have yourself a coffee while at it.  Make it East African! That would be two East African ‘affairs’ already. wouldn’t it?

~Hint-the more the bubbles ,the fresher the coffee…~

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