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Diversity and choices

Today I had a taste of  South African tea, my second time to taste anything South African  my first having been just yesterday and still tea. The difference is that Yesterdays tea had some milk and it tasted heavenly, I bet it is the tea we will be having in heaven,of course those of us who will make to sit on those unfillable seven forms(seats). By the way, who is the originator of that story of there being seven forms in heaven?!!

Any way, today’s taste of the same tea, this time with no milk tasted a whole lot different more so leaning to ‘flat’comparing it with our Kenyan tea which comes with this ‘punch’ you just cannot miss.The flavors were terrific though and honestly the honey still lingers in my nostrils. I was interested in knowing how some one else thought of the taste and they told me they found it fantastic. Perhaps I was looking for the usual taste that I am accustomed to ,perhaps. Perhaps understanding the diversity of different things helps one understand and appreciate their attributes. Still learning.

Diversity is what makes things beautiful,

Diversity is what makes the Southern tea taste the way it does and the Kenyan one taste its own way.

Diversity is what makes Kenyans prefer tea over coffee when both crops do well in the country, but wait, or is it?

Mhhh, well my take is NO and YES.

NO because dating back to colonial days coffee was rated a drink for the elite and we all know that Kenyans were not part of the elite. Yes, in their own country!! Even post colonialism, that is neocolonialism , the culture continues and only the Kenyans who are better off adopt the coffee culture.The rest of us folks can do with tea and we do it really proper. None of us, goes home without having a packet of tea in their shopping paper bag, sorry, just bags since we have advanced a little more in matters environmental conservation and are now using anything bag but nylon paper bags.

YES because we have a choice either tea or coffee and we end up preferring the former over the latter due to diversity of choice which flows to other things like chocolate, cocoa and whatnot though those ‘others’ are more like subs in a football match. I cannot remember the last time I had a chocolate.

My conclusion is that I lean more to the no since it is something that was presumably imposed rather than making a choice out of free will .

It would have been such an awesome thing if the way we celebrate our tea is the same way we celebrate our coffee. Coffee in the morning ,tea later in the day! or just however we choose to do it.

In such a scenario I would not be as skeptical as I am today of the coffee bill supposedly to be tabled on parliament to have any coffee being exported being packaged and branded-in other words a finished good. I may not know much but simple logic tells me you cannot impose certain parameters on a good unless you are the consumer or hold majority of the the market share. In this regard how can we dictate on what form the coffee reaches the end buyer who is a continent away looking for particular qualities and attributes, putting in regard that roasted coffee loses its quality quicker hence even lesser monetary value perhaps  by the time it reaches the buyer. Perhaps our mheshimiwa does not know that coffee can be quite delicate. How you handle it post processing matters a lot in defining the end product.

The intention might be good but the means need a rethinking.

Hush politics. #justmytake

Anyway, diversity of choice allows the bill to either pass or  not and after all that , We will know whether we made a good choice or a bad choice. The last thing I would want to see is our coffee tumbling down due to bad politically motivated decisions and of course a farmer down at the grass root  like one mama Mboi will support the idea of such a bill simply because all she was told it is what is best and what she and other coffee farmers want is good returns. A good Moses will lead them out of the desert , not into the  desert only to realize it when they are rolling in the deep.

How about we start with means towards increased production and increased local coffee consumption and the day we hit a 50+1 mark in the market share we can then be free to pass such a bill and more.



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