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I wrote sometimes back of my changing tastes, Just to update you now they are getting much better and real. The first time I said -chocolate, it was lets call it ,a true lie-just like the movie,thank goodness I am not that bad with guesses, Well, we all must start somewhere you know. Right now ,in my cup is some coffee whose source is the slopes of mount Kenya, the chocolate is quite more pronounced with even more tastes detected , like the citric is top notch. The flavors are something else and by that I mean great.A perfect balance of  sweet ,flowery ,black currant with a slight woody touch leaves my nostrils and palates dancing in sophistication.Since I do not intend to open a mercury or copper mine in my body in the near future thanks to the sugar cartels running our markets, nowadays am having it sugarless and as you grow into it ,it tastes even better.

Let me torture you no more with desire, so lets forget about my coffee(as I continue to sip it mdogo mdogo of course (Swahili for slowly slowly) and focus on other things like Mt .Kenya ,wonders of the world,etcetera etcetera,etcetera -as an English teacher in class five used to say. I can bet it is with her I first heard of the word etcetera! Ok, I knew of ‘etc’ but did not know it was a short form of that word! Then was when someone looked at the timetable and another inquired which teacher was coming next and the answer would be ‘etcetera,etcetera,etcetera!!!’ The only reason why I missed the ‘monitor’ during English speaking days was because during such days  I was silent and very well behaved!!

Then was when  GHC-Geography History and Civics was a favorite but breaking them down history it was ,and still is.

As I sip from MY DELICIOUS CUP OF COFFEE I am busy perusing through the online search engines which if you ask me are the next good thing after a plate of some pigeon peas githeri(read mbaazi- You would not understand that unless you are me!and my relatives of course!) and a good cup of coffee for ‘wash down’ ~desert in sophisticated terms~. #simplepleasures. Especially in our Kenyan winter. It is terribly cold that the only thing we lack to make a perfect winter picture is snow! To think I hear there are much colder places!

My mind flashes to a program I watched the other day in nat-geo wild which prompts me to do an online search on Victoria falls curious to know why they were named as such. Well, the man who discovered them named them after the queen,well ,is it a good thing or a bad thing? I do not know! I am used to walking in streets with names that prompt my mind to wander a lot in wonder.What really surprises me is that the man who discovered the falls was a European explorer, I am not by any means against any European or explorers but does it mean that there were no locals in that locality and if there were,had they been blind before his arrival? So my favorite subject could have been lying to me all along, the way I prided my self for knowing !Sips coffee

If only such a question would come back to me in an examination in a day like today, like;

Q:Who discovered the Victoria falls?’

My current answer: The natives of the locality where it is located ‘duh!’

Q:Who was the first European to discover the falls


Or were the locals lesser persons perhaps? I do not like that narrative at all.

Out of curiosity I’m prompted to search Mt.Kenya and see what it says. Okay ,it says a lot and does not fail to tell us of the first person to sight the mountain and I am a bit skeptical to go further on that so I leave that to your imagination.I further read through coffee gulps to see whether I will see a Kisoi Munyao somewhere to no avail I guess that was only relevant in my GHC book -some one tells me I can do an update or edit but wee, that and mole concept are kundu syaangaa ndaka(some things can only be expressed well in mother tongue) .If you understand those things and our history please go and make our history proud, myself  am a bit off in that direction.

The day Africa will own and tell our own stories in our own way is the day our history will make sense,our present accommodating and our future bright.#African

That is the day some one like mama Mboi will not see a foreigner come to their coffee factory and her heart will be beating a little faster because for some reason a foreigner = money! Instead She will be able to hold herself with the dignity she deserves if not for anything else she is the producer of a great crop which unfortunately is not celebrated as much in her own country and continent as it is celebrated in other parts of the world; When the key world players are mentioned she gets no mention!

As they are making America great again! I think we should Make Africa great for real!

“If you are out to describe the truth leave elegance to the tailor…” ~Albert Einstein




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