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A different cup altogether

Honestly, I am not a football fan but with the little I know about football, between Manchester United and Arsenal, I will root for Manchester any day. There is something about arsenal fans I cannot relate to…I will not dwell on that though

In my point of view, I can equate the world cup season to this big interesting novel you notice a friend reading with so much interest but in your mind you go like;

‘its so damn long’

‘all those pages’

‘and the writing is so tiny’

‘this will take too much time’

‘mmh, let me read the overview’

‘first two pages…I know it is not so interesting anyway, more so if its anything like the nerd reading it…'(sometimes crazy thoughts run in my head!)

Just like that you find yourself in page 300 and going.Nonstop.

In my case , I found myself in page three reading about Portugal and Spain .I captured only bits of second half since the first pages of the novel like it is with many novels were tattered! Good thing  I was in time to witness part of what they referred to as a hat trick(so that is what they call a hat trick? scoring three goals in one game by one player.  Oh,Okay. Great game great scores.

I Skimmed  through more pages and landed in this page where there was Argentina versus Iceland. I imagine Argentina fans were quite disappointed but oh people, Messi is only human, cut the guy some slack. Shit happens sometimes. Sometimes one wakes up on their left leg,so to be safe just be keen to wake up on your right leg… More so without proper support from the control tower even the best pilot will crash a plane.

I skimmed through more pages to a page where there was Mexico playing Germany .I am told they are called Germany machines but they did not impress me much. I found myself leaning more to the Mexican side. I guess it is because I can relate to them more through their soaps(its revenge season loading in The boss,  awesome)

Meanwhile, I can imagine how some people are coping because some one I will not mention can really scream while watching a match!


I can picture some one else saying, ” ai naku, si ushout pole pole…”

Anyways, my neigbors are also making a lot of noise so I guess it is #noise season.

I am still skimming but if  the tension I felt when watching the penalties between Croatia  and Denmark is anything to go by , football can give someone a heart attack ,so let me just stick to coffee! But wait, (just thinking out loud) Perhaps a cup of coffee would help a great deal.

#viva brazil





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