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Cold &Caffeinated flashbacks

With this cold weather,#kenyanwinter, one sure way to keep warm is by keeping a good cup of coffee by your side. A sip every now and then will most definitely keep you warm, awake , Chilled,sane among other sound attributes not to mention the quickest way to do away with those hangovers from yesterdays Johnie walker or whatever else is doing those crazy rounds in your head.

Interesting for me today is one of those days where you merely scale by  so it is no wonder a cup of this dark beverage called coffee came by quite handy.

It surely is not a bad day, just a different one or rather one of those days… and if it were a bad day it surely cannot beat my first day in high school. I will tell you just a little bit about it considering it was way more terrible a day than the day I missed school back in primary by feigning disappearance only to emerge a little later and find my two other siblings had pulled off the same trick as  I.  My mother could not have any of it it so we ended up spending the whole day at the farm plucking cow-peas ,one  by one, goodness, that was a long day!

In high school the change of setup and scenario was just too much for me. Worse still, my first night there ended up being the shortest night of all times. Just when I was turning to the other side of the bed to get some proper sleep after a terrible day in foreign land, the bell rang! Honestly I did think and was convinced that the matron was confusing time because in my mind I had only slept for like thirty minutes but alas! it was morning !

Long story short the following night found me in the sick room seriously ill (no faking) which ended up being my residence for the following week or so and during the time the only place I met my soon to be classmates was the bathroom. No wonder much later on one  Florence   used to laugh at how in our first week in school she occasionally spotted this form three girl only  in the bathroom and wondered why she had to use the form ones’ bathroom!

Anyway now that you are reading this, it only means I made it through the survivor island! and can joke and laugh about it. Some more MY DELICIOUS CUP OF COFFEE please? …

By the way it has been quite a while since I heard from Mama Mboi. If you are new in This ‘Town’  and wondering who she is you can check her out here because She is…    thecoffeewoman!

I surely do hope that she and her coffee survived the heavy rains that have been hitting majorly the southern part of Kenya and Kenya in general and that due to that same much rain her crop will do better this year. If anything ,if her coffee farm is doing as well as my mothers maize farm, Christmas might be celebrated with a fork this year ,It has been a while. Hasn’t it?Fingers crossed!

(there are many ways to celebrate Christmas so you know,either by spoon or by fork depending on several factors like where you are from,the pocket, etc).

Mean while I hear it is world cup season…a different cup altogether.


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