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Coffee expressions

It is raining. I am stuck in the office. Yet again I forgot nowadays it always rains every evening , I wonder who should get the blame for my forgetting,I guess my middle name should take the blame, as for ‘ME’ it wasn’t me!

With this rain and some of us have not marked ourselves safe for the rains happening in Southern Kenya!  Where again is Southern Kenya? Any way  I will do that when Ndakaini  dam gets full or at least the task force on the same gives its report when the rains are not yet over because if it does so after the rain season is over what will be the use of their report?

So instead of wining let me just sit here sip some coffee and reminisce on Yesterday night…

A terrible mosquito bite woke me up in the middle of the night. Too bad mosquito nets and I do not talk.

The way that tiny little  creature managed to bite me through my cover then I imagine I don’t have to be a scientist to put it out there that mosquitoes of today have developed adaptive features as far as blankets are concerned.

As much as I was mad there was a good side to the whole mosquito biting saga, gladly I had the opportunity to capture some bits of my dream, if u are an apostle u already know that prior to this I did believe that either I forget my dreams before I wake up or I do not dream at all. But alas ,kumbe I dream after all!

I was lucky enough to catch the dream by surprise before it disappeared into the oblivion and left no traces! Not to mention how awesome and interesting the dream was.I would have told you the nits and bits of it all but considering it is such a thing that made Joseph be sold to Egypt by his own blood brothers , I grow cold feet. If blood brothers could do that how much further could a potential enemy go!

But on the flip side if Joseph had not told his dream how on earth would he have landed in Egypt becoming a lord there.It all happens for good I say! Still though , my feet are cold so I better run before they get warm and I think otherwise…and before I realize I will be in Egypt.

wait a minute, that means I will be riding on something like  say, a range rover sport, Mmmh (Is there a better car than a that? I am still stuck on that one!)

Have yourselves a good one! Let me run , I hope i do not slip on the slippery mud.

P.S on your right look for the sign up button and follow, who knows ,I might tell my dream!

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