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Of sipping and spitting

So lately I joined the sipping and spitting club!

Let us say I am half way there, thanks to one phenomenal lady, Mbula Musau through Utake Coffee and Coffee Quality Institute . She is the first Q instructor in East Africa. Wait , did I just say East Africa? no, Africa.yes ,the first Q instructor in Africa .I asked her what her English name was and she said she was given none!! That means She simply is pure African!

Without flattering she is kind and down to earth save for that she once almost left me asleep in Daresalaam.

Simply coffee wise, I am learning from one of the best if not the best.

So you ask ,what the heck is sipping and spitting ?

yes, you sip, or rather you slurp the coffee, let the the tongue sense and feel the flavor identifying the different quality notes and then ,spit (I am made to understand you can swallow if you wish!).

I had thought I was done with acids and any studies acidic when I happily penned down my last period in my final chemistry paper in high school but hey , shock on me ! The good thing is there is no mole concept in there  but just acid identification otherwise sijui…

Interestingly, just like that ,is how I ended up watching myself speaking in tongues in the queens language making news on the television screen,sha!  If you did not see me make  youtube your friend!

You might wonder how that relates to someone like mama Mboi in her tiny coffee farm somewhere in the village,

Here is how, one thing we all agree with is that regardless of whatever factors, all mama Mboi desires is good price for her coffee. Good quality coffee means good prices, hence if we have more people who understand coffee, more so on the quality aspect the more likely it is for people like mama Mboi to get good returns for their crop, roger that.

It won’t be a bad thing either to be able to gauge the quality of that cup of coffee I once in a while order at that coffee shop I pop in once in a while, or will it?

Meanwhile I am still trying to think in my mother tongue and then translate to English, what name better suits  the coffee- that is like the food that my  Bantu relatives who settled in the highlands of Kenya when my own fore fathers decided the drier the better and moved further to the ‘no vaaya’ lower eastern region refer to as ‘mashakura’

For the record of late I have been taking some of the finest coffees of different origins of the world and my tastes are changing…




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