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Homestretch part 2

Before I leave Machakos I pass by a relatives where i learn that a little one has refused to go home after school because she is waiting for ‘daddy’ to buy her what he had promised her the previous night.

When you promise a child something be sure to get it sooner or be ready for the drill.

sooner than later my relative arrives and relative and daughter start chatting exams but only after sorting out the burning issue, ‘the promise’. They touch a subject which she informs us that she had been among those punished for failing in exams.

I ask her what she got .

“84%.” She responds

“And they punished you? I inquire a bit startled.

“Some had scored 100% ,others 90s ,the rest of us were punished.” She tells us.

In his typical self my relative tells her she is the one who has  not been concentrating well while answering the questions ,he gives her an example (I have forgotten what it was about) and honestly it clearly shows she lacked concentration during the exams since the question is so obvious which is typical with most kids anyway. We want to laugh but no one dares! it is a serious conversation and needs to be treated as so for peaceful co existence.

Perhaps a cup of coffee for breakfast might do wonders to rejuvenate the little ones’  memory! I hear fish also does wonders for the mind but i cannot substantiate though since in my life i have  had fish on countable occasions  and for the few or not so few times depending i have lacked concentration, i do not know whether to blame it on lack of fish / coffee diet or my middle name! Any ways, maybe a combination of fish and coffee for breakfast could be  the solution to lack of concentration problems for all of us all this while, find out and let me know how it goes…

In her typical self too quite agitated she tells him, “You, why don’t you go and take the exam yourself?!”

She puts it so funnily we die with laughter, don’t ask me when I resurrected to jot down this article, clearly, I did.

Children will always be children and the apple never falls far from the tree. Mind you she is just in class one.

Fast forward I board a matatu back to the city. Save for the too much ‘katindili’ music ,our matatus are just fine.just fine. I do not know when my range rover sport will be coming along , this waiting is too much a beg! that is the day i will be cruising fast and furious with this song by the Swedish House Mafia (good lord what a name!)
                          Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.
                           soothing my ears.Before boarding the matatu i consider saying hi to a friend  i have been promising to visit for sometime. My ‘I am coming ‘has now turned over a year and counting. I do not want to bring the devil into this neither do I want to blame the guilty me. I have always waited for the perfect time but I am realizing there will never be a perfect time for anything. I almost moved this article to next month just because I didn’t think it was the ‘perfect time’.

Now that is how the devil comes in , he whispers to you how you have not even put anything down on paper. You are even too sleepy to concentrate. “Ahhh make it tomorrow, that is when you will have fresh ideas!” Too bad i intend to go to heaven otherwise i would deal with him properly in hell, just too bad!

Mark you tomorrow never comes. Do what you have to do today.

Yesterday I was reading some articles…mr. devil seized the chance and told me ,‘Auuwi, see, this  guy is a pro, can you match, really? Maybe you shouldn’t write. See ,forget homestretch part two…”

I told him ,” look here , just gerrarahia  .Aren’t you sleepy yourself?

Ashamed he left me alone.That is how Jesus defeated the devils temptations you know! Don’t let the devil put crazy ideas in your head, he is very good at that.

Any way I will see what to do with ‘my friend’. I think I should be a better friend. I will work on that…

We depart Machakos and in no time we are at the semi-arid zone . Since its at sunset I can spot more wildlife; gazelles, zebras, giraffes, surely, isn’t it not the place to be?. I would have taken some photos but of late my phone has been misbehaving. It can even go off while I am in the middle of a conversation, On top of my phone misbehaving It does not have enough charge since there had been a black out so I couldn’t charge it before I left the house in morning.Maybe i should blame the devil for this one, or what do you think?

I would have put the blame on the guys in charge of power supply and even wish they go to hell and if they make it to heaven be given the last seat so that they will have to stretch out their necks in order to see the angels singing at the front for making our lives difficulty but no, let’s face it, that is Mr. climate change bossing us around. He is just exercising the powers you and I gave him! I am not saying monopoly is a good thing but hey, what can we do, you are Wanjiku and i am me!

You are wondering how climate change ? This is how

You and I all we have been doing is engaging in activities leading to emission of green house gasses to the atmosphere, we have condoned  cutting down of trees for charcoal ( if you use charcoal you are as guilty as the cutter, I am too) .worse is we cut without replacing them.

Too much air pollution is going on, I do not need to explain this, just look around you and see for yourself…make your own conclusions. If I were a teacher I wouldn’t be a good one!i would be telling the students to go and read for themselves.

These activities lead to climate change that has caused among other things the drought that has made life quite difficult for us. Lack of water leading to electricity interruptions not to mention the drastic water shortages directly linking to the shooting up of common goods prices and limited electricity generation and so forth. That affects you and I directly, clearly.

So who is responsible for me not taking the beautiful wild life photos?

Yes you and I.

May be we will all be given the last seat in heaven for being so irresponsible, and since I hear they sing and praise a lot there ,you the guilty party will be seated near this tall being with a very hoarse voice and no key, you will surely face the music!

To make matters worse Seated In front of you will be this tall persons that you too won’t get a glimpse of the angels blowing their trumpets in front!

If they have pity on you and maybe offer you a cup of coffee, well, good for you!

All I am saying is ,let us be responsible human beings.

Forget heaven, back to earth, somewhere in Mombasa road I alight .I had made plans for a sleep over with my ‘abusive’ But good friend at her place.

She must have been caught up at the Mombasa road traffic since I was at her door before she did but no sooner I arrived than she did.

I had bought some two chapattis at some restaurant near her place and I must say those chapattis are damn huge. I had to since I was quite hungry . Don’t look at me like that, nakuaga nimejipanga, just in case, haha. Wait, before I forget about those chapattis I did send a picture of one of them to a friend who later admitted I inspired her to cook some! Damn ! I didn’t know I could inspire people!!!

Back to somewhere in Mombasa road with my friend, let’s call her wa makarrotti ,She cuts some carrots and makes us some carrot juice a midst a chat about this and that, generally an all over chat. At some point we chat about this friend of hers  who does not date chicks  with a little bit of melanine, but hey , you should see him ! Mr .Ibu of those Oga movies is waaaay handsome! The carrot juicer (allow me to call it that) is new, so my nosy self asks, “How much did that Ka Machine cost?”

“Around – K”

“one, two ,three, four, five, on and on…, yaani you parted with so much money for that!? I am the economical type…

She laughs off and tells me .”YOLO friend.”

She gives me a short lecture on its use and the healthy benefits of carrot juice and tells me, “It’s not always about coffee duh!”

I must say that juice is something. I will be getting one for myself sooner if not later because i am liking the carrot juice! Friends inspire friends.

(Should I add that we cooked  and i am emphasizing that i made tea, a lot of it! (Haha- first edition of this article was on april fools day!…), ate , chatted , laughed, slept  , those who dream dreamed ,those who don’t like me just slept…so long)



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