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Today the daily post has prompted me to write this meaningless article. They must subscribe to the school of thought that ’change is as good as rest’. So, let me just go with the flow. By the time I run out of ideas I will know whether that school of thought is a good school or a fogothari one.  The sort of school that you end up asking someone  ” by any chance were you studying through the window!?”

That is a direct translation for,”indi ko wasomeaa ndilisyani?”derived from my motherland chicango dialect(chicango with an ‘n’)-if you know you know!

Let’s  see how my creativity survives this meaningless prompt.

Some times when all seems meaningless grab your bible and get some inspiration from the book of Psalms. It has got some meaningful words of comfort and guidance. Great men like King David ,Solomon, Paul not to mention Samson all passed through that ‘meaningful’ phase of life, you are a star in making.Believe in yourself, ”Preach ,Sister preach”…

 Let me preach, I might open a church soon. I am sort of shy , though ,that means standing in front of a congregation might be more of a torture for me.

I’m I still in the topic? Well, I guess so. In any case it is a meaningless chatter so whether I stay focused or not it doesn’t matter much, or does it?. More so I am tired. As I write this Its past 10.00 pm East African time.

Some mujer something is the soap running on the television. Here we do have Kenyan soaps but we just cannot live without those Mexican ones. If they decide to do away with them we might just demonstrate…for the love of soaps

I have just thought of some meaningless thing to mention; here we go

Some time ago I was at my grand mother’s . on my way back I boarded this boda boda (it was a free ride) . The owner who was also the rider decided to showcase his prowess in motor bike riding ,(some people).

The devil told me to just let him be and just enjoy the ride furthermore it was a lift! Probably he was in a hurry to get to wherever and I too was in a hurry and it seemed we were not many of us using the Murram road . So I let it pass

At reaching some point he saw another motor biker and accelerated overtaking him, ahead there was a herd of livestock  and instead of slowing down he decided to speed!

Suddenly one small lamb came in our way and down we went. What I was sure of was that  I was not going to wait for the motorbike to land on me. No way. In a nick of a second I took a dive and landed on a stony patch that ended up ripping off my pair of trousers. My pair of trousers were ripped off right at the knee. In that case I own ripped jeans that I didn’t pay a dime for. They say we should always look at the brighter side of life!

That day I realized my James Bond skills are top notch though I suffered from a small cut on the same knee.

We woke up from where we had each landed, dusted ourselves, and proceeded with our journey. On reaching the tarmac road even though I could have continued with the ride, I thanked him and took a matatu.

I will not be taking free rides anytime soon especially when I have no idea what the driver or rider ‘has been smoking’

That was one hell of a meaningless chatter, wasn’t it? go get yourself some  delicious cup of coffee  which definitely should not be a bitter brew

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