This ‘Town’

I am new here, in this ‘town’. I am yet to know the names of the streets, I know a few lanes though. Do they drive on the left or right? Where I come from it is on the right, oh sorry left. Is there “nyumba kumi” initiative? I don’t know yet, when I get to know I will inform you. Do they look left,right then left and then cross if the road is clear!? Ha Ha, that reminds me of my first days in Nairobi but that’s a story for another day!

I rarely read post signs so you can imagine when I first arrived in this ‘town’, in my usual self I left too many instructions to the one who wrote them, I mean some things are just too complicated and terminological to understand.

Who ever came up with the first script of terms and conditions must have mixed some very many indigenous languages and came up with some sort of concoction which he made sure that the rest of us will not understand, I highly doubt if himself understood them. He set the standards so high that the rest of us have to simply follow, somehow blindly not because we want to but because we just cannot understand, the lay man in us simply cannot.

Layman, so someone sat down and decided that some people are simply laymen! and him probably a genius! He surely must have been a genius! belonging to an indigenous species of people that have since become extinct, just like the dinosaurs or the wise men {wahenga in Swahili) whom we refer to as having come up with those pretty wise sayings some very long, long time ago! I do not think he is the same one who came up with the phrase ‘terms and conditions’ but may be they are related! They are both most definitely manipulators of the mind.

To me terms and conditions sound Latin, My mother tells us when she was a young girl they used to attend Latin mass, they sang Latin songs and responded to mass in Latin. After they spend days toiling in the coffee ‘mashambas’ they must have had soul refreshment singing Latin hymns ,feeling closer to God. You should note that my mother does not understand Latin, Indeed if you speak to her in Latin she will not make out what language you are speaking in, but up to date she says mass those days was great.

I do not know how but I found myself staring to a pay up pop box on my screen. “This people got to be kidding me” I wondered.

Did I just not see one of the very many advisers on online  blogging say there are free sites and followed his guidelines? I then again concluded that I just hit the wrong button, that is the only probable thing that happened. When you are new somewhere a lot can happen unexpectedly .I then discarded that blog site but only after writing to ‘them’ by them i mean the guys who run this ‘town’, that I wanted a free blog site. No one wants unpleasant surprises, not when you are new somewhere.

So here I am now, relaxed getting myself acquainted with what happens in this ‘town’, you may wonder I call this a town? We are millions of us aren’t we?

One of the blogs I find myself automatically following is the daily post. I decide to check on it, tap, tap, Oh my! over twenty million followers! You got to be kidding me.Hold on, a part of me is wondering if they are the sheriff of this ‘town’!? ! mark you I have one follower. They could have increased to about four or five by the time I am posting this article. They must have met God and shaken his hand! Who then appointed them as the sheriff of this ‘town’!

A profile picture of different blog ,somehow related is of a lady, I wonder who she is? Does she take coffee? I would like to think she does, if not she might read my articles and have a change of heart. I have heard of The Daily post , I have seen their commentaries on several of the novels I have read. I assume they are the same daily post as the one I follow, if not then I do not know what to say, it happens though, even people share names.

I think it must be a larger version of our daily nation, what a coincidence! they all start with ‘daily’. In my business class in high school we learned about the term to refer to that scenario , ‘er’ ‘er’ ‘er’, I seem to have forgotten, I used to be a very attentive business student before the devil visited and the only phrase I could hear in the whole lesson was “someone rub the board.” Surely the devil is a liar! I did not fail though.

High school ! At one time we had this mathematics teacher who used to enter the class in such a high speed that my seat mate Maria once told me,” huyu mwalimu siku moja atakuja agonge hii ukuta ailipue pu! Atoboe shimo apite ajipate nje.’’ That’s Swahili for “This teacher will one day come in that speed and knock the wall, crack it and end up going through the crack to the other side!

I did not like mathematics but the teacher had a smile from here to Timbuktu! I guess that made it a little bit bearable and the excitement of waiting for him to one day enter the class and dissolve in the wall leaving us with probably a double free lesson! yeeey!

Back to our ‘town’, over twenty million followers is enormous, someone must have seen the future with the eyes of an eagle, she must have had a dream, a premonition of some sort.

For instance here is my imagination of how a version of the dream could have gone; It is on one of those fine days, scattered about in a relaxation park is all sorts of people, men and women, old and young, tall and short, all calibers of people ,some are seated on those park benches sipping amongst variety of other drinks, coffee. No bias ,if I don’t mention coffee I won’t write!

From far they make the perfect picture but the dreamer decides to edge and take a closer look. On their left hand is a sleek gadget, which they frequently tap from time to time with their right hand as they absent minded sip their drinks and munch their bites. It is a relaxation park but most people seem to be very busy engaged on their gadgets!

Grandpa shouts for some of them to see the beautiful birds flying by, no one hears except grandma who looks at him and helplessly shrugs off her shoulders. The dreamer peeps a phone of one of the young lads, she sees interesting stuff ;#vacaythings,#minivacay, #parkthings and it is a different hash tag thing on every other phone she peeps!

The set up of the dream changes and now they are in a beach, one of those sandy beaches with very inviting beautiful ocean views, the Watamu beach for instance. Just as the previous set up, is all sorts of people ,women dressed in some tiny bikinis and men shorts laying on the soothing sand tapping on the screens of their gadgets. From time to time someone lets out a short laugh oblivious of their surrounding and goes on engaging their gadget.

The dreamer bewildered moves closer to a giggling lady, waves her hand in her face but she does not see her, she then peeps onto her gadget and what she sees shocks her. Right before her is the article that she published that very day in the paper!

Fast forward; See now there you are on your gadget reading my article. I am in the house as I write this article, I would love to be on the beach ,maybe I Would be more inspired, but karma is a bitch! I sip my coffee as I write this you should too as you read.

Someone did dream and made their dream a reality, they invented this wonderful ‘town’. You and I got to simply fit in.

We are very welcome though, that is the vibe I get. We have the privilege to build storey buildings of our choice and name them, We can even name streets and lanes after ourselves and personalize them to our liking ,it all depends on how much you are willing to depart with pocket wise. Currently I am flowing on the free highway, in the bus. So you know, the bus ride is free!

I have dreams that I will be rolling on my range rover sport or a convertible Mercedes Kompressor someday soon but for the moment I am enjoying this free bus ride.

I hope as they run this ‘town’ and we the ‘residents’ as we enjoy the serenity of the ‘town’ we all sip more and more coffee. It is essential, this ‘town’ is not small, it is enormous, so a lot of energy and a relaxed mind is necessary for maximum utilization of all the resources available, more importantly someone somewhere depends on it.

There are very many coffee joints, food joints and everything else ,all you need is to just type and you have it! All in one roof. As for the coffee I hope the sheriffs  and you too know that some of it if not most of it is from Africa, Kenya in particular. In case you did not,now you know! Cheers

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