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My delicious cup of coffee

I startle and wake from my dream. I cannot remember what I dreamed about, I belong in the category of persons who we sure dream but but many a times we just cannot remember what the dream was no matter how hard we try. Do not therefore be shocked if you see me daydreaming at times, I also want my dreams to be valid . I therefore got to dream , whichever way, whatever time, but do i say ,no matter what time we dream our dreams are valid! Oh yes , we are in that spirit!!

A part of me knows it is time to wake up, another tells me to wait for two more minutes , just two! After a severe battle between both parts the former somehow wins and sends a signal to my eyelids to open but it only succeeds in forcing one open, three seconds later the second one too regains freedom of sight. I drag and pull one leg out of the blanket two minutes later the other one and just hang in there,in and out of bed must be in different time zones! You have got to agree with me that sometimes waking up is not easy, especially on that easy Sunday morning most of us long for all week long.

I suddenly sniff a certain aroma, it is this sweetly antagonizing coffee aroma that sends a million signals to my mind which in turn triggers this deep longing for a nice cup of coffee. I am all alert now, alert, the word reminds me of a donkey I saw somewhere which on sighting   a dog that was passing by suddenly stood at attention and straightened its ears giving the dog a serious gaze .How odd! When it happened more than once I was left wondering what it is with donkeys and  dogs ,I will make sure to Google, I hope Mr. Google has an answer for me .

Apparently my sense of smell is not that bad , at least it is good enough for me to smell  coffee in the kitchen from the bedroom, one can argue on the proximity of the two rooms but let me leave that to your imagination. The coffee aroma is mesmerizing , even in the packet. I had purchased it just the previous day after one of the shop attendants tried quite hard to convince me how the coffee was so great and homegrown. She should have known too much convincing was not necessary , it was an item in my shopping list.

In a split of a second I am out of bed and soon after in the kitchen, I got to make myself some delicious coffee. Milk or no milk ,decision decision, black takes the win. If you have ever taken a good cup of coffee you surely must have taken your time to sniff in the aroma, it is so aromatic! I myself cannot help it. I savor every sip, letting it fill me up, I feel it flex my muscles, nourishing my soul, so thirst quenching…I can go on and on.

A good cup of coffee sets one ready for a great day ahead, not to mention how it warms up your body especially in the cold weather. You suddenly become alert, recharged,ready to take up the world, a superman kind of effect which we need quite often.

I finish my first cup of coffee then refill .  You should know I am African and we Africans there is something about us, taking not less than two cups of our beverages. Mark you the size of the cup is irrelevant in this matter. One cup is like taking a starter only in a three course menu.It is not gluttony, believe you me we just cannot help it. In a good day two cups is just a tip of the iceberg, three becomes four especially if you are having that nice chat with family or friends or listening to that cool music, you never notice the time pass neither the many coffee sips you take till the coffee pot is completely drained.

Come to think of it I could have been dreaming about having a hearty chat with friends over a great cup of coffee.  Oh dream, dream, why do  you fade away?

Have yourself a good one,yes,a great cup of coffee, two is better. Three is not a crime either. Cheers275px-A_small_cup_of_coffee[1](image courtesy of wikipedia)

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