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Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

There are factors that determine whether your cup of coffee is good or 'just there' or worse nothing to smile about. I have come across people who say, "I do not like coffee because it tastes bitter" A good cup of coffee should not taste bitter, learn more about that here. So, below are six basic… Continue reading Top six tips to making A good cup of coffee

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Word from Laban Njuguna regarding international coffee market

The below sentiments belong to Mr. Laban Njuguna of Zabuni Specialty coffee, I thought to share since they speak to very many people in the coffee sector. "I would like to share some thoughts based on my experience and understanding of the international coffee market. I will be as brief, factual and honest as possible.… Continue reading Word from Laban Njuguna regarding international coffee market

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The future of coffee is in emerging nations

The future of coffee is in emerging nations .or is it? Nations that that are in the rise demographically since increase in population means that there will be consumers in those countries . Of course bearing in mind that efficiency,productivity and demand will play a role in how sustainable coffee ventures will be in developing… Continue reading The future of coffee is in emerging nations

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Sights and Sounds from 17th AFCA conference and exhibition in Kigali -Rwanda.

The land of a thousand hills,Rwanda hosted the 17 th Afca conference and exhibition, that was from 13th to 15th Feb 2019. In the  amazing  convention center which is a real achtecturial piece is where the event took place. Meeting many people from many diversities of the coffee world was quite awesome not to mention… Continue reading Sights and Sounds from 17th AFCA conference and exhibition in Kigali -Rwanda.

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Here’s my take

Its lunch hour, I am drinking this steaming hot black coffee listening to UB 40's Red red wine in this chilly rainy weather ... Moving on swiftly, I cannot say I am an expert in coffee or anything of the sort but I will always voice my thoughts and opinions. Of late  I have been… Continue reading Here’s my take

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Kenya is in SCA board

Catching up with every body else on world coffee news,I am late on this but hey ,Kenya will have two representatives in the Specialty Coffee Association board. I guess inclusivity and diversity comes in small bits and at last it has landed home and with a bang! The two representatives both ladies, Mbula Musau of… Continue reading Kenya is in SCA board

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The other day I met this young man

Sometimes back while in Nyeri county attending the N.I.C.E event, I met this young man from Kirinyaga county. We were just catching up, "So are you a coffee farmer ,or you are just attending ?" I asked him "I am a teacher by profession and  a farmer in sense that my father owns the farm and… Continue reading The other day I met this young man

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Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

It was yet another time for Nyeri International Coffee Expo (2018) ,third edition that went down on the 9th and 10th of November 2018. The venue was Whispers ground at the heart of Nyeri town. Unlike last year it attracted more people and I imagine it is due to the proximity of the venue to… Continue reading Nyeri international coffee Expo 2018

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Of Coffee in the sunset & human nature

Evening seems to  set in early today. The sun rays form a magnificent pattern in the fading sun sky. I Might as well get my self a cappuccino (do not tie me to that ,there is room for rephrasing) WE the people are not affected by late night caffeine. So a cappuccino it is .… Continue reading Of Coffee in the sunset & human nature

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Fun~coffee ~Idioms~

As aromatic as Ethiopian coffees, As vibrant as Kenyan coffees, As Mild as Colombian coffees, As crispy as Costa Rican coffees,                       As tasty as Guatemalan coffees, As spicy as Indonesian coffees, As subtle as Tanzanian coffees, As zesty as Ugandan coffees, As winey as Yemen… Continue reading Fun~coffee ~Idioms~

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International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

Monday, 1st October 2018 saw the world celebrate the international Coffee Day with the main feature being Women In Coffee and oh,what a great way to celebrate our women in coffee all along the coffee value chain. Kenya being a producer country held its official celebrations for the day in county number twenty, Kirinyaga County at General… Continue reading International coffee day celebration-How it went down in Kenya

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Perfect coffee world

Since it is hard to get perfect,a near perfect coffee world ought to have ; Diversity, inclusivity ,equality and GOOD PAY. Diversity meaning black,white coloured,poor, rich ,educated, uneducated,from whatever region,physically fit or challenged and whatever else you can think of and deem it 'diverse' ,all should feel at home when and where coffee is mentioned.… Continue reading Perfect coffee world

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Nyeri International Coffee Expo- how it went down

The coffee expo was held at Dedan KImathi University (Kamukunji grounds) in Nyeri county and was sponsored by Fair-trade Africa. It all went down on the 23rd and 24th of November 2017. Among the various stake holders in the coffee sector present was the Alliance of Women in Coffee (AWIC), who had a stand where… Continue reading Nyeri International Coffee Expo- how it went down

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My Awic Experience

My interaction with the women in coffee at Embu the other day was simply epic.     E- Empowering    P- Potential    I- Inspiring   C-Coffee Talking of Embu,a town where there are no tuktuks and a bodaboda ride costs 50 bob flat rate regardless of the distance as long as it is within the… Continue reading My Awic Experience

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The coffee woman

As the cock crows early in the morning ,even without looking at her "mulika mwizi phone' mama Mboi knows it is five in the morning , time for her day to begin . She prepares Mboi and his siblings and sets them off for school. In their patched up otherwise clean uniform that sort of… Continue reading The coffee woman

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My delicious cup of coffee

"I suddenly sniff a certain aroma, it is this sweetly antagonizing coffee aroma that sends a million signals to my mind which in turn triggers this deep longing for a nice cup of coffee. I am all alert now, alert, the word reminds me of a donkey I saw somewhere which on sighting   a dog that was passing by suddenly stood at attention and straightened its ears giving the dog a serious gaze .How odd! When it happened more than once I was left wondering what it is with donkeys and  dogs ,I will make sure to Google, I hope Mr. Google has an answer for me"

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Tell me your dreams

Short flight but smooth, destination somewhere in some field, setup outdoors _meeting, participants, four people including a big man who does not look like he has ever had money problems in his life, two more ladies one of middle age and the other a little older than she is, plus the guy who has just… Continue reading Tell me your dreams


Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.

By class five I had read quite a bit of the Bible. By that I mean, a whole lot. It was an old Kamba Bible which first and last pages were missing. Those were the days when my immediate older brother, another friend of the family and I used to analyze and discuss the Bible… Continue reading Of sinners, pharasees and a cup of coffee.



This was one hell of a meaningless chatter!

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Today the daily post has prompted me to write this meaningless article. They must subscribe to the school of thought that ’change is as good as rest’. So, let me just go with the flow. By the time I run out of ideas I will know whether that school of thought is a good school or a fogothari one.  The sort of school

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